Zero Waste Beauty

Zero Waste Beauty

Overconsuming of the planet’s recources together with the amount of waste produced is having a harmful impact. More and more companies see this and find strategies to eliminate waste across their supply chains to minimize their footprint. 

What is zero waste beauty?

The future of the beauty industry involves a greater focus on sustainability for packaging and for the resource and processing of ingredients. 

Zero waste means that we aim to send no waste at all to a landfill, an incinerator or into our oceans. The need for zero waste is necessary to help prevent pollution and to minimize the waste footprint. 

Everyone wants a clean and healthy planet. Now, but in particular for our future generations. It all starts by ourselves: how do we recycle at home, how do we travel, how much and what certain products are we buying, just to name a few points to consider. 

But what about zero waste ingredients? 

The food and juice industry creates waste in the form of excess pulp and seeds removed from fruits and vegetables because apparently there is a huge demand for seed-less and pulp-less juices and jams. Some of this waste has been utilised as natural fertiliser, but unfortunately the majority of all was left to waste. 

Luckily more and more oil producers have started using waste ingredients into waste oils which is a great form of environmental sustainability. Those oils are pressed from plant-based leftovers like fruit and vegetable seeds, which contain powerful nutrient-rich benefits. 

Which oils are zero waste oils?

Well, hopefully there will be coming more and more oils on the market. See below the list of zero waste oils we’re using in our products. 

  1. Apricot kernel oil
  2. Blackcurrant seed oil
  3. Blueberry seed oil
  4. Cranberry seed oil
  5. Pomegranate seed oil
  6. Raspberry seed oil
  7. Strawberry seed oil 

If you would like to know how you can incorporate a zero waste lifestyle into your life, we have some tips for you:

  • Instead of using disposable cotton make-up remover pads which will be trowed away each and every single day, buy reusable and washable ones which can be used over and over. 
  • Instead of using a bottle or tube with shampoo or liquid soap, you can use a shampoo bar for your hair, and a soap bar for your hands and body. 
  • You can go to the market when buying groceries, because lots of products there doesn’t have packaging. You just simply bring your own bag and packaging. 
  • You can save food by for example using the app “Too Good To Go” and “NoFoodWasted” and prevent that the food goes into a waste bin. 
  • You can separate your waste (glass, paper, food etc.) so the waste processing companies can do a better job to recycle. 
  • Try to avoid plastic and aluminium cups when drinking coffee, just make coffee with fresh coffee beans. The same when drinking tea, make your own tea blend with dried tea leaves and a sieve instead of teabags that contain microplastics. 
  • For take-away salads and bowls just bring your own glass container which you can use over and over. 

At LIV we don’t compromise, we care about you and the world around us and want to share our knowledge so you can make better choices.

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