How to get a glowing, deeply hydrated skin?

How to get a glowing, deeply hydrated skin?

If you feel that you're already drinking more water than recommended but still experience a dehydrated skin, read further.

Your skin is your largest organ and it contains up to 65% water. It needs hydration to function which helps to keep your skin cells healthy, promoting a youthful complexion.

We hydrate our skin in two ways; from the inside (water consumption and food) and from the outside (cosmetic products, humidity in the air and water).

A basic formula to know how much you need to drink is 0,03 x your body weight (30 ml x 1 kg) = amount of water per day you should drink.

But when it comes to a glowing, deeply hydrated skin, only drinking water is not enough. The following key factors are a must; a well-balanced nutrition with plently of greens and fruits, avoid sugar, too much salt and processed foods, skip alcohol, don't smoke, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, avoid the sun between 11 am - 3 pm, wear a hat to protect your face and use a natural, non-nano zinc based spf.

Regarding to your beauty routine, choose for natural products which are moisturizing and hydrating.

Moisturizing products prevent and reduce water loss (TEWL = transepidermal water loss) from the skin like plant oils and butters.

Hydrating products replenish the skin's water content with water-attracting ingredients (humectants) like glycerin, aloe vera, cucumber, hyaluronic acid and rose water.

To moisturize your skin you can use The Beauty facial oil, the The Bakuchiol facial oil, The Midnight balm or The Body Oil.

To hydrate your skin you can use The Luminous eye serum, which you can also use as a base serum. 



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