Key Ingredient: Acmella Oleracea

Key Ingredient: Acmella Oleracea

Acmella Oleracea aka paracress or jambu plant, is nature’s answer to botox. This ingredient is extracted from the acmella oleracea plant and contains the N-alkylamide spilanthol. 


Traditionally, this native Amazonian plant was known by the indigenous people as the toothache plant because of the pain-relieving effect. 

The spilanthol mimics a botox treatment by slowing down contractions and relaxing the face muscles. it has been clinically tested to target the loss of skin firmness and appearance of deep wrinkles by stimulating the fibroblast biomechanical functions.

The benefits? Fine lines and wrinkles caused by muscle tension will be reduced, and leads to a smoother and firmer skin.

This precious extract is sourced from the upper part of the Splilanthes Acmella plant. 

Still doubting if it works or you simply just would like to read more about this ingredient? Science backs the effectiveness of Acmella Oleracea, so check out the links below. 

This key ingredient is formulated in The Beauty facial oil. 



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