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Vegan dry brush



Our vegan body brush has soft, cruelty-free bristles and is made from sustainable beech wood. The extra-soft bristles are made from recycled material which you can gently but effectively use on more sensitive areas of your body, like your decolleté, stomach and upper arms. 
This glow-boosting body treatment takes just a few minutes per day to increase your health and energy level. 
The ancient Ayurvedic practice offers a lot of skin benefits. 
It exfoliates the skin, increases circulation and energy, removes toxins, stimulates the lymphatic system and reduces cellulite. It also promotes relaxation. 
Dry brushing is a self-care ritual which improves the absorption of your skincare and reveals smoother, more radiant skin. 
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Best Suited For
All skin types
Arms, legs, feet and mid-section of your body.
AM, once or twice a week

Start brushing your dry body before taking a shower. Make circular, clockwise motions and work your way up toward the heart. Only the lightest pressure is needed to boost circulation and remove dead skin. It never should hurt or feel uncomfortable!

Brush your arms after you've brushed your feet, legs and mid-section. For the arms brush upwards towards the armpits. Finish up with your regular shower and end-up with at least 3 hot and cold cycles. This will further invigorate the skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Care tip: clean your brush once a week with a natural soap and water and let the bristles air-dry.

Note: if you have a skin condition, it is advised to avoid or use with caution.
Key Ingredients
Extra-soft vegan bristles made from recycled material

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Softest skin!

I love this body brush, followed by The Body Oil.
The bristles are soft and gentle yet firm enough to remove dead skin and make my body feel super smooth and energised!